Public Folder Permissions Tab Exposed In Exchange 2010 SP1 Console…


One of the issues with Exchange 2007 and 2010 deployments was the lack of a graphical interface to manage public folder permissions. Administrators have to use the shell or use third party products like PowerGUI in 2007 & 2010 RTM.

Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta did something more by bringing few options to the public folder management console, like – add/remove public folder permissions (didn’t expose existing permissions though) and overwrite permissions of all subfolders with the permissions on the parent folder. Check my previous article for improvements in SP1 Beta. But it still lacked the public folder “Permissions” tab seen in Exchange 2003. SP1 RTM exposes this tab in the console.

Let me explain based on my lab environment. I have a public folder structure as shown in the snapshot.

PF Structure

Similar to Exchange 2003 PF management, SP1 exposes the “Permissions” tab. I can view the existing permissions and add & remove users as well. In my case, to edit & view the permissions on the “Exchange” folder, select the parent folder (IT) on the right hand pane, right click “Exchange” from the middle pane & take properties. The point to note is that the public folder to be edited should be in the middle pane. It doesn’t bring the “properties” option otherwise.

Edit PF permissions

Clicking “properties” bring an additional tab – Permissions.

Add permissions to PF in 2010 SP1

You can now view or edit public folder permissions right from the console. A feature which should have been exposed ages ago given that it was missing in 2007 as well!

Additional improvements made in SP1 Beta is still there in SP1 RTM as well, check my previous article for other changes compared to 2010 RTM.

2 thoughts on “Public Folder Permissions Tab Exposed In Exchange 2010 SP1 Console…

  1. John

    There is no Permissions tab… I have Folder Management Console 14.00.0694.000. Do you know of a way to set the permissions on the “All Public Folders” folder? All our users are suppose to have full access to ALL public folders, but I cannot find a GUI soltuion and the CMDLET doesn’t seem to allow access to the “All Public Folders” folder. I think it should be CMDGONE! :)

    Thanks in advance.


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