Exchange Server 2013 – Several Admin Tools Retired

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Many admin tools that we know & love in Exchange 2010 has been retired in 2013, including the “famous” Exchange Best Practice Analyzer.

You should be familiar by now that Exchange Administration Centre is the new EMC & ECP combined. Exchange 2013 only has the toolbox as part of the management console.

What is wrong with this picture? Some of our admin tools didn’t make it to Exchange 2013 including BPA and Routing Log Viewer.

Exchange 2013 Toolbox

Tools that didn’t make in 2013 include the following.

  • Exchange Best Practice Analyzer
  • Mail Flow Troubleshooter
  • Routing Log Viewer
  • Performance Monitor

You can only use these tools in the 2010 world.

EMC 2010 Tools

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  1. turbomcp

    noticed that too
    probably like a few other features that arent supported like ssl accelerationson load balancers for sp1, still weird

    1. All fun and games, huh?

  2. How does one then handle Message Tracking in Ex13?

    PowerShell or a new gui in the EAC?


  3. Jose Angel Rivera

    Wow…I will really miss those tools. I think they will need to include those tools soon, as not every administrator have all the time to be learning new commands. That’s why we pay a lot of money for “easy” to use products. I think Microsoft is losing the point here.

    1. Rajith Jose Enchiparambil

      I agree Jose ;-)

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