Exchange Server 2010 Calculator Version 20.8

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The Exchange Team has silently updated the Exchange 2010 calculator & the latest version is 20.8

The v20.6 along with Exchange 2013 calculator was only released two weeks before after having v19.9 as a solid version for nearly an year.

Exchange 2010 Caluclator v20.8

Download v20.8 of the sizing calculator for new calculations.

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  1. Hei Rajith.

    I want to ask you someting which make me very confuse right now. Hopefully you’d like to help me.
    I have a windows server 2008 R2 with exchange 2010 installed. i have configure it and it running well. I also use the IIS 7.
    But i have some problem on the IIS side. By default Exchange will install the OWA in the IIS default website. so if i want to access it, i just enter and it will appear correctly.(i use ip addr for some reason i’ll explain below).

    Now i have a firewall and 2 ip public lets day x.x.x.6 and x.x.x.68
    i want to publish my owa and a website call it horizon (this website is on the same IIS and the IP addr is for each one. –> x.x.x.67 –> x.x.x.68

    so the thing is, i want to make the horizon website to be able access via internet on and the OWA can only be access from x.x.x.67/ which is on the “default website”, the binding is *:80, means that whatever is the request to IP addresses on that NIC card it will go through default website first. this makes me confuse.)
    How can i do that?

    1. Rajith Jose Enchiparambil

      Hi Johny,

      Do you have your edge firewall Nat’ing the public ips to the corresponding internal IPs? That is all traffic hitting .67 goes to 0.1 and .68 goes to 0.2 (port 443 or 80 depending on your needs)?

      It is not recommended and probably not supported to use an Exchange server as an IIS box for hosting other apps!


      1. yes. I have my ips external have to nat (static nat) to each internal ip.

        do you mean that it’s not recomended to use IIS as an exchange server and also use it as a server to other website? because what i actually need is to make the OWA and other website on one IIS. As a note, We are a small company, we cant afford to buy windows server anymore. :(

        1. Rajith Jose Enchiparambil

          Yes Johny.

          I don’t think MS will support Exchange server to be used as an IIS server for other apps. Better check with MS first.


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