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As I wasn’t having my Lync Server 2010 iso handy, I googled for “Lync 2010 Client Download”. To my surprise, all links were pointing to Lync 2010 Server trial versions (which also has the client binaries) and forum questions about Lync.

I did find the client download in the “Related downloads” section in these pages and hence though of bookmarking the download links for my own personal reference. It may help someone to quickly find the client (atleast that’s the hope!).

Googling “Lync downlaods” returned the link that I was looking for, but only as the fourth one.

Googling lync downloads

Bookmark this page for any Lync related downloads.

Download the 32bit Lync 2010 Client here and 64bit here (180 days trial version).

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19 thoughts on “Lync 2010 Client Download…

  1. Anonymous

    Just want to point out the asinine concept of creating a blog post criticizing how searching for Lync downloads results in finding only blog posts about Lync which then fuels the issue of not being able to find the actual Lync download page.

  2. Anonymous

    Except for the part where the poster did put the download link at the bottom of his post, so I don't see what's wrong with this..


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