No Premium OWA 2010 For Safari Installed On Windows…

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I have written in one of my previous article that Exchange 2010 provides the fully featured, premium version of Outlook Web App (OWA) for all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Though it is true, accessing OWA 2010 from a Windows machine with Safari only gives the light version. I have tried this in a Windows 7 machine and while logging, the light version is checked by default. Though you can be uncheck the option, its only light OWA 2010 for Safari on Windows…

Safari OWA 2010

Microsoft has confirmed that it will stay the same because of the complexity with Safari-Windows combination. Do we really care? Only a very small percentage of users use safari in windows anyway!

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10 thoughts on “No Premium OWA 2010 For Safari Installed On Windows…

  1. Anonymous

    BS on Safari in Windows – check the growing stats of Safari users. This is yet another oversight by Microsoft that makes this Fortune 500 company architect glad we're heading in another direction.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes- I use Safari on windows, to keep my experience consistent with the Mac I must use 80% of the time. The fact that I get the 'premium' OWA on my Mac Safari and the 'lite' on the Windows side is downright annoying.

  3. K J

    Premium OWA 2010 doesn’t work on iPad with Safari. Boss went out and purcahses 4 iPads thinking she could view everyones calendas via OWA. noooot going to work

    1. Rajith Enchiparambil

      Oh KJ, that is a shame.

      I haven’t tried it on an IPad. Does it work with Mercury (from the Apple store)?


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