Retrieving Exchange 2010 SP1 Backup Stamping Using PowerShell – The Correct Way…


I came across an issue in which Exchange 2010 provides different set of info regarding backups when you use PowerShell. It depends on which commands you use, whether you get the right info or not.

Let me explain. I was trying to find the last time backup ran on the mailbox database and I forgot the –Status switch. To my surprise, Get-MailboxDatabase command exposes the same info as Get-MailboxDatabase –Status regarding backups.

Running Get-MailboxDatabase | fl name, *backup* brings all backup info, but they are all blank. This might confuse you especially if you are backing up for the first time (say in a lab) or after a migration from legacy Exchange.

Find database backup info

Now, running Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | fl name, *backup* shows the last time backup was run. It brings the correct info, which you can also find on the mailbox database properties using the console.

Find database backup info correct way

So Microsoft, either Get-MailboxDatabase should give the correct info or the backup parameters should not be exposed!

Your Thoughts?