“this is a pending certificate signing request (csr)” status even after importing the third party certificate.

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I had an issue in my lab today, while I was importing a third party certificate to Exchange 2010. Even after importing the certificate successfully, the console (and shell) had the same status – “This is a pending certificate signing request (CSR)”.

Cert Error

I had a look at the personal certificates store for the local computer and I had my certificate along with all the root & intermediate certs. Restarting the Exchange services didn’t change the status of the certificate in the console.

When I had a closer look at the personal store, I found out that the private key for the certificate was missing for some reason. Now I knew what had to be done Winking smile

I copied the thumbprint from my certificate in the store (not the thumbprint from Exchange Shell).


I ran Certutil utility with the syntax, Certutil –repairstore My “copied thumbprint”.


The command completed successfully and my issue was solved. The certificate got the private key and Exchange picked up the change as well.

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