Windows Server 8 DP Error – DCPromo Failed With Code: 77. The Specified value ‘5’ Is Not Valid For The Argument ‘DomainLevel’…

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I tried installing AD on Windows Server 8 DP build, explained here. Everything went fine as long as I went with the default values for the forest & domain functional level, which is Windows 2008 R2.

2008 R2 fn levels

Just being curious about any new functionalities that a pure Windows Server 8 functional level might expose, I changed the forest & domain functional level to Windows Server 8 during dcpromo. To my surprise, it didn’t like it! The wizard threw an error when the prerequisite check was done. The error is shown below.

DCPromo Failed With Code: 77. The Specified value ‘5’ Is Not Valid For The Argument ‘DomainLevel’

Win8 level error

Is this a bug Microsoft? Or is it looking for some prerequisites that needs to be installed to have a pure Windows Server 8 domain? If so, why doesn’t it say what is required?

As soon as I changed the functional levels to 2008 R2, installation went smooth. Anyone else having the same issue?

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  1. morpheus max

    Yep I get the same thing, if you use Windows 8 errors out. but if you set it to Windows 2008 R2 it pass the prerequisites check.

    1. Rajith Enchiparambil

      I don’t know what kind of testing Microsoft has done on this Morpheus.
      Such a simple thing!

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